Tutorial Introduction
Intro.Just the page before this one. You have probably seen it.
Intro.  A brief introduction to photography.
Part I Introduction and a few simple steps to better pictures.
Part II The Rule of Thirds. Add some structure.
Part III  A few more bits and pieces for your compositional armoury.
The Camera.
Part I  Camera bits.
Annotated Diagram.Picture with some words.
Part II  Modes and Automation.
Part III  Your friend the Lightmeter.
Part I  Apertures,shutters and f-numbers.
Part II  More about 'stops' and exposure.
Part III  Put it all together.
Take a test.
Part I  Choosing film.
Part II  Latitude and grain.
Part III  Storage and processing.
Shutter and Aperture.
Intro.  The shutter and the aperture.
Part I.  Camera shake.Stuff you need to know.
Part II.  Choosing and using shutter speeds.
Loading a spiral.
Loading a spiral.  Loading a spiral takes about two minutes, once you learn how to do it that is. This is a source of great frustration for many.
Basic film processing..  Develop your black and white film.
Part I   What you need.
Part II  What you have to do.
Part III  Some things that may go wrong along the way.
Basic print processing.  Make your first prints.
Part I  What you need.
Part II  What you have to do.
Darkrooms and safelights
Part I  Darkrooms.How dark and how bright.
Part II  A bit about safelighting.
Part III  Wrong way to test your safelighting.
Part IV  Better way to test your safelighting.

Theory   New

Developer.   What it's made of and what the bits do.
Latent image.  Stuff you don't want to know.

Depth of Field Calculator.  Calculate depth of field and hyperfocal distance.