This is a fairly simplified guide to producing a black and white print from a correctly exposed black and white negative. It should be quite straightforward to produce a reasonably good print using these methods however some issues are skirted, shortened, simplified or just plain ignored.

What you will need.
Consider this a minimum.

1 A completely dark room.
2 A suitable enlarger .
3 Three developing trays to fit your paper.
4 Three pairs of print tongs . It is not a particularly good or safe practice to use your fingers though plenty do.
5 Measuring cylinders or jugs.
6 Storage bottles.
7 Chemicals. Dev, stop and fix. Depending on dilution you can use the same stop and fix for both film and paper.
8 Thermometer.
9 A safelight .
10 Timer. A watch will do if you can read the hands under safelighting.
11 Printing paper.
12 An easel or printing frame to hold paper. You can scrape by without one.
13 Piece of black card.
14 Pair of scissors .
15 Water to rinse prints.
16 Pegs to hang prints to dry.
17 Time.

What you have to do next.